Local leakage currents in nanoparticulate films

Local leakage currents in nanoparticulate films

(Drittmittelfinanzierte Gruppenförderung – Teilprojekt)

Titel des Gesamtprojektes: In-situ Characterization of Nanomaterials with Electrons, X-rays/Neutrons and Scanning Probes
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Projektstart: 1. Oktober 2013
Projektende: 30. September 2017
Akronym: A6
Mittelgeber: DFG / Graduiertenkolleg (GRK)


Crucial for all kind of printed electronics is to assess and understand the electrical limitations in utilized nano materials. Among which, ZnO nanoparticles are widely used as electron transporting layer in multi-layer stack semiconductor devices, e.g. organic solar cells. Since ZnO nanoparticles are rather difficult to control with respect to their electronic properties the charge transport mechanism in solution-cast films of ZnO nanoparticles is investigated under various atmospheres and by means of low-temperature current-voltage characteristics with and without UV-activation.